Ninety Mile Beach in Victoria

Thursday 20 August 2020

Ninety Mile Beach is located in East Gippsland. It offers beautiful white beaches and many free camping spots.

Watch the sunset

Go down to the dunes, set up a little picnic with drinks and snacks, and watch the sunset over the ocean.

Camping along Shoreline Drive

There are nineteen free campgrounds along Shoreline Drive which stretches along the 90 Mile Beach from Golden Beach to The Honeysuckles. Campsites 1-6 are dog friendly, and sites 1, 3, 5, 8 and 9. The campgrounds are right behind the beach dunes and all sites have access straight to the beach.

Trinculo Shipwreck

Take a short drive or a walk along the beach to see the Trinculo Shipwreck. This ship has been sunken in the sand since 1879. Explore the remains as well as the surrounding beach and dunes.

Beach Four Wheel Driving

Drive along the sand and explore many parts of the long stretch of beach. You can drive straight onto the beach from a turn off on Shoreline Drive, between Campground 6 and Campground 7 at Delray Beach.

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