Killen Falls in Byron Bay

Thursday 20 August 2020

Killen Falls is an amazing cave waterfall only 30 minutes drive from the centre of Byron Bay. Here you can swim under the falls, explore the cave under falls, and even see a turtle or two.

Killen Falls is a short 30 minute drive south of Byron Bay. When you drive to the end of Killen Falls Drive, you will find a small carpark which has two paths. One path leads to the nearby dam, and the other leads to Killen Falls. The walk down to the falls is only a short 10 minutes.

The track down to Killen Falls can by both muddy and rocky, however is still suitable for all levels of hikers. The hike itself is beautiful through the bushland and along the creek. 

The first part of the track is a path, however once you get to the creek, you have to make your way over rocks lining the creek. 

There is no entrance fee at Killen Falls.

On the trail down to the falls, there is a lookout from the top of the waterfall.

Swimming is allowed. Cliff jumping is not recommended.

There are no toilet amenities or bins at Killen Falls. 

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